Drone Filming

Capture any scene in Uganda with aerial photography & drone Video

Drones have often been seen in the photography and videography industries as they are often capable of saving you significant sums of money on camera cranes by being able to reach angles of view that make for great aerial shots of landscapes and buildings. However, we can as well use this technology in sectors like agriculture, stockpile management for quarries and mines, energy, utilities, mapping and surveying.

Drone Photography
Some moments are better seen from the ground, but from the sky, you can take images unlike anything else. With assistance from Malaika Media Uganda, you can provide a view no one else can, with amazing photos taken from the sky. With our high quality equipment, talented photographers, and high tech drones, we can cover unmatched ground, providing you with photographs that will be sure to impress. Contact us today for pricing information!
Drone videography
A great video brings important moments to life, creating a permanent record of the most important events, locations, and opportunities. When you want to add untold depth, creativity, and innovation to your project, Malaika Media Uganda can show you a brand new opportunity that can take any production to the next level. From your documentary or wedding video to a live tour of the house you have for sale, we'll put together a project you'll remember forever.